Bryce Petty had some trouble playing virtual golf (Video)

Sam Cooper
Bryce Petty had some trouble playing virtual golf (Video)

Coming off the first Big 12 title in program history, expectations are sky-high for Baylor heading into 2014. Despite the expectations, senior quarterback Bryce Petty seems to still be enjoying his offseason.

Petty was enjoying some virtual golf when he had a bit of a mishap. Luckily for us, the funny moment was caught on tape. Petty went to launch a drive, but when the ball ricocheted off of the screen toward him he tossed his club in efforts to avoid the ball.

Petty posted the video on Instagram a month ago, but it is making the rounds on the internet today for whatever reason.

Maybe we can add this one to Petty’s highlight reel toward the end of the season.


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