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Brian Kelly offers a walk-on a scholarship outside in the freezing cold

And now for your feel-good video of the day.

Brian Kelly isn't afraid to challenge Notre Dame's toughness. So, for one of the Irish's winter workouts, Kelly made his team practice outside, it's the frigid cold — there's an eerie layer of fog hovering - with snow on the field. It really makes you cold just looking at it.

"At Notre Dame, you're going to play Michigan, Michigan State, USC, Stanford, Oklahoma, BYU. It doesn't get easier," Kelly said. "I mean, every week you're going to get challenged.  We have to keep that in mind. That' why we're out here doing this because we're going to be tougher mentally than our opponents."

But at the end of the 5-minute video, Kelly turns a cold scene into a heartwarming moment.

"Representing t

he program in a positive way all counts," Kelly told his team. "Also, being a guy that can contribute and help our team win. But when you look at all those things, they all equal being a scholarship player. Not that we don't have other players in this program that are non-scholarship players that don't represent that. So, we want to take this opportunity to award a scholarship to a walk-on that has worked himself into a position where he represents our program in a positive way every day and I don't know the last time this happened, but we're going to award a scholarship to Chris Salvi."

Salvi, a senior walk-on safety, received a rousing ovation from his teammates, several head pats and was clearly emotional about the whole ordeal. Usually these things are done quietly in the coach's office, so it's nice to see Kelly share this awesome moment with the rest of the team.

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