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BCS confident it’s in the clear with Justice Department inquiry

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What, Bill Hancock worry?

The executive director of the BCS had few concerns going into this week's meetings with the Department of Justice and emerged with the same belief that the BCS was not violating any laws with its practices.

"I went into it confident that the BCS complies with the law, and I left the meeting even more confident," Hancock told USA Today. ". . . They asked good questions. They asked how the BCS operates and talked about access and finances. I gave them some history.

"We had an opportunity to explain what we do and why it doesn't pose any antitrust concerns. Obviously, the next step will be up to them."

Hancock met with 10 officials from the Department of Justice's antitrust division for about 90 minutes Thursday. They discussed everything from the BCS' finances to the way a champion is crowned.

For several years, various state lawmakers have questioned whether the BCS violated antitrust laws, which is what prompted the DOJ's inquiry. Also, the question of whether a playoff might be a better way to determine a champion was raised.

Despite Hancock's confidence, the Justice Department declined to comment on the matter and the inquiry remains open until further notice.

So, regardless of the protest and the annual groaning about the national championship and BCS bowl system, the BCS is in the clear -- for now.

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