Auburn fans roll Toomer’s Corner oaks one final time

The famed Toomer’s Corner oaks will be torn down on Tuesday, so Saturday fans took the opportunity to give their beloved trees one final roll.

A record crowd of 83,401 watched Auburn’s annual spring game and then fans took to the streets — like they do after big Auburn victories — and launched rolls of toilet paper into the air to drape over the trees.

"There's more to Auburn than two oak trees, revered and sturdy as they are," retired athletic director David Housel told the Associated Press. "These oak trees are but an outward visible symbol of the Auburn heart. ... This is a day of celebration and remembrance."

The trees were poisoned more than two years ago by an Alabama fan named Harvey Updyke Jr., who was sentenced to three years in jail in March.

After attempts to save the trees, the damage was too extensive and the city decided they needed to be cut down. The city will have a temporary structure in place — a system of wires crossing the street — for football weekends this fall and hopes to have new trees ready to roll in a year.

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