Arizona coach Rich Rodriguez pokes fun at the 10-second substitution rule in hilarious 'Speed' parody (Video)

Sam Cooper
March 3, 2014
Arizona coach Rich Rodriguez pokes fun at the 10-second substitution rule in hilarious 'Speed' parody (Video)

Many head coaches around the country have spoken out against the 10-second substitution rule proposed by the NCAA Rules Committee last month, but no one has been more outspoken against the rule than Arizona’s Rich Rodriguez.

He has been taking shots at the proposed rule on Twitter over the past few weeks, but now Rodriguez and the Arizona video department really stepped their games up.

Rodriguez gets embedded into the 1994 movie Speed (starring the affable Keanu Reeves) and is speaking to an “old-school coach” who “wants the game to be played how it used to be” and says it is for the “safety of the players” before winking at the camera.

“Let’s not distort the facts because of your personal agenda. There's no evidence that shows that fast-paced offense is leading to more injury. In fact, there’s less injuries with faster offenses,” Rodriguez says in reply.

Then the video pans back to Speed and a young Sandra Bullock who asks, “Why is all this happening?”

Rodriguez’s response is awesome.

“Well I think there’s some coaches that have a hidden agenda. They want to slow the game down. They think fast-paced offense is leading to more injuries. There’s no evidence at all that says that. I just think they don’t want to evolve the game. People enjoy the game. They want to see action. They don’t want to see huddles or people holding hands or singing ‘Cumbaya.’”

Rodriguez definitely gets his point across, but who knew he had these kind of acting chops? 

We'll find out soon if the rule gets approved after the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel votes on March 6.  An ESPN survey revealed last week that only 25 of 128 FBS coaches were in favor of the rule to begin with, so it'd be a surprise if the rule comes to fruition. 

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