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  • Study says canceled UAB football program actually made money

    Sam Cooper at Dr. Saturday1 day ago

    UAB said it made the decision to end its football program (along with rifle and bowling) in November because it could not afford to continue supporting the program. However, an independent economic analysis firm released a study Thursday that claims football actually made money for the university and the decision to terminate the three sports was "ill-advised from a net cash-flow perspective."

    "We find that the three sports in question did not cost the university anywhere near the $3.75 million indicated on UAB's accounting statements," Dan Rascher and Andy Schwarz, partners of Bay Area firm OSKR, wrote. "Instead, after making the sort of adjustments suggested by the economics literature, we conclude that the three sports were effectively break-even to slightly positive. Football and bowling showed a modest positive return for 2013-14, the last year for which complete data was available. Rifle showed a deficit, but the three-sport balance was positive to the tune of $75,000." 

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