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  • Even weddings aren't immune to Urban Meyer's photobombing

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday28 mins ago

    Urban Meyer spent Memorial Day taking in one of his favorite pastimes — photobombing.

    Yes, America’s favorite photobombing coach was at it again this past weekend, tainting a picture with a blushing bride.

    For gosh sake, you'd think master photobomber could shut it down at a WEDDING! @OSUCoachMeyer @AmyHalpin @Nicki_07 pic.twitter.com/erhpWmKwVN

    I think we can all appreciate Shelley Meyer calling out her husband’s addiction. After all, this isn’t his first photobomb. There was that one time he was caught photobombing a couple at a party. And then that one time he photobombed a recruit. And, of course, the one time he was called out for photobombing his own family, which prompted the hashtag “#urbphotobomb.”

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