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  • VOD: Stanford kicker Jordan Williamson recalls emotional struggles after 2012 Fiesta Bowl

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday5 hrs ago

    Stanford kicker Jordan Williamson finished his time with the Cardinal as its all-time career leader in points scored, but Williamson’s career hit a dark time following the 2012 Fiesta Bowl.

    Austin Meyer chronicled Williamson’s trials following two missed kicks in the game, including one in overtime, that cost the Cardinal the win. It tells the story of depression, fear and ultimately perseverance in a 6-minute YouTube documentary called “It Comes Down To You.”

    The video tells an all-too-common story of the ridicule college athletes face on social media and the devastating effects it can have. Williamson, who exhausted his eligibility after this past season, ultimately came out better for the ordeal, but that’s not always the case for some athletes.

    This is a great short documentary that paints a good lesson that college athletes are still just people.

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