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  • Angelo St. player killed in alleged burglary had synthetic drug in system

    Nick Bromberg at Dr. Saturday3 hrs ago

    Christian Taylor, the Angelo State defensive back who was killed in an alleged burglary in Fort Worth, Texas, in August, had a synthic drug that can cause hallucinations in his system at the time of his death.

    Taylor, 19, was shot by an officer in training who was responding to the burglary call at a car dealership on August 7. Taylor was unarmed.

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    From the Dallas Morning News:

    The autopsy characterized the illegal psychedelic found in Taylor’s blood, NBOMe, as a drug that’s known to “cause distorted perceptions, agitation and hallucinations” and one that has been “associated with random and bizarre behavior in users.” The autopsy report likened some of the drug’s effects to those of LSD. Taylor’s autopsy also indicated recent use of marijuana.

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