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  • Arkansas coach Bret Bielema takes car away from player charged with DWI

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday7 hrs ago

    Arkansas coach Bret Bielema has taken a different approach to disciplining defensive end Tevin Beanum, who was arrested and charged with DWIand minor in possession of alcohol last weekend in Fayetteville.

    He took away Beanum’s car.

    In conjunction with Beanum’s mother, Sandra, Bielema restricted Beanum’s vehicle use to driving to the Fred Smith Football Center and class.

    “He has to go through the court system and obviously he’ll have ramifications, but I’ve basically banned the use of his car for any time other than when he’s coming over here or going to academics,” Bielema said. “His car is to remain parked. If he gets pulled over for running through a stoplight at 10:30 at night then he’s violated my rules and there’s going to be an even bigger consequence.”

    Beanum was driving with his bright headlights on around 2:26 a.m. Feb. 22 when police pulled him over. Police found an open bottle of brandy on the backseat and said Beanum smelled of alcohol.

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