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  • Oklahoma State suing NMSU over mascot likeness after 50 years of usage

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday15 hrs ago

    Oklahoma State has issued a cease and desist letter to New Mexico State asking it to stop using its Pistol Pete mascot.

    The two schools use a similar likeness of Pistol Pete, a character based on a real cowboy named Frank Eaton. Oklahoma refers to the likeness as Pistol Pete while New Mexico State refers to it as the Classic Aggie. However, New Mexico State doesn't use that particular logo anymore.

    Oklahoma State said it was the first to have the mascot in the 1920s and then New Mexico State adopted a similar mascot in the 1960s. NMSU said it initially paid Oklahoma State royalties when it adopted the mascot.

    Still, Oklahoma State would like the Sun Belt school to stop using it now 50 years later.

    According to legend, Eaton earned his nickname by showing off his shooting skills in Oklahoma and winning a legendary gunfight in Albuquerque.

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