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  • Jim Harbaugh finishes fourth in Michigan student government election

    Sam Cooper at Dr. Saturday17 hrs ago

    Some Michigan students want Jim Harbaugh to do more than just coach the Wolverines’ football team. According to the Michigan Daily, Harbaugh actually finished fourth in the vote for the school’s new student government president.

    Seriously. Harbaugh, who was hired in December after four seasons with the San Francisco 49ers, received 115 total write-in votes for president, equaling 1.26 percent of the total vote.

    Of the 115 votes, 82 of the votes were for “Jim Harbaugh,” 18 were for “Harbaugh,” and four were for “Jim Harbaugh and Diag Squirrel.” (The Diag is an open space in the middle of UM’s campus.)

    Additionally, per the Michigan Daily, the tickets of “Jim Harbaugh and Jabrill Peppers,” “Jim Harbaugh and His Khakis,” and “Jim Harbaugh and Jesus Shuttlesworth” also received one vote each. 

    Harbaugh also received 21 write-in votes as a representative for the College of Literature, Science and the Arts.

    He signed a seven-year contract with the university, so Harbaugh will have another shot to work his way up in the elections next year. 

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