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  • Jake Heaps: 'I didn't come (to Miami) to be the backup' quarterback

    Sam Cooper at Dr. Saturday3 hrs ago

    Now at Miami, his third school in five years, quarterback Jake Heaps has high expectations for his final season of college football.

    After three seasons with mixed results at BYU and Kansas, the 23-year-old Heaps announced his decision to take his talents to Miami for his final season of eligibility via the graduate transfer rule in June. He spoke to reporters for the first time since arriving at the school on Monday and made it perfectly clear why he chose to play for the Hurricanes.

    “I didn’t come here to be the backup,” Heaps said, per the Miami Herald. “I made this decision for a reason. I came here to play, but you have to earn that. No one is going to give that to you, and that’s what I knew coming into this situation and that’s what I wanted. That’s the only way you’re going to earn your teammates’ respect and gain their confidence. This is my last year and it’s extremely important for me to perform well.”

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