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  • Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen wears 'Christmas Vacation' themed sweater (Photo)

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday1 day ago

    Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen took a little time away from his Capital One Orange Bowl preparation to have a staff Christmas party.

    A party, at which, he wore the greatest National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation-themed sweater ever.

    Merry Christmas from the staff party. pic.twitter.com/dYRYlVOWmD

    Some of you might remember a segment on College GameDay earlier in the season where coaches read mean tweets about themselves. One of those tweets said, “Cousin Eddie (from Christmas Vacation) is a fictional version of Dan Mullen.”

    Of course, Mullen responded with, “Merry Christmas, (expletive) full.”

    And, as you already noticed, the line on Mullen’s sweater.

    I really hope Mullen got this sweater just to troll the person on Twitter. That would just add to the lore.

    Well played, Dan Mullen. Well played.

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