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  • WVU receiver Kevin White (almost) had an amazing touchdown catch (Video)

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday45 mins ago

    West Virginia receiver Kevin White almost had an amazing touchdown catch during the second quarter of Thursday's game against Kansas State.

    Note: Almost.

    Quarterback Clint Trickett overthrew his initial receiver and the ball landed in the hand of Kansas State’s Dante Barnett, who seemingly made the catch, rolled over and allowed the ball to fly out of his hands, into the air and toward White. White alertly snatched the ball out of the air and dove into the end zone for what looked like an unbelievable score (and a tie game).

    However, upon closer review, Barnett never actually had the ball. The nose of the ball hit the ground before Barnett was able to secure it, negating one of the best plays of the year.

    That said, we still have to give props to White for his awareness and concentration.

    Unfortunately for West Virginia, things went from bad to worse when kicker Josh Lambert missed the ensuing field goal try.

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  • The Dr. Saturday Podcast: Let's talk about No. 4

    Nick Bromberg at Dr. Saturday4 hrs ago

    Welcome to the Dr. Saturday Podcast! Throughout the season we'll be talking weekly about whatever is going on in the world of college football. This week, join Graham Watson  and Nick Bromberg as we talk about, what else, but the CFP rankings. It continues to be a pointless exercise, but someone has to do it. We'll also discuss:

    • MACtion and Dino Babers' curious coaching decision late in the game on Wednesday night.

    • Lament how the schedule doesn't look all that appetizing.

    • Pick USC/UCLA, Missouri/Tennessee, Ole Miss/Arkansas and more

    • Plus, we wonder if Florida is going to fall to an FCS team for the second year in a row.

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