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  • Army player flops unsuccessfully to draw a penalty against Wake Forest (Video)

    Nick Bromberg at Dr. Saturday3 hrs ago

    An Army player channeled a different type of football on Saturday to get a penalty.

    He was unsuccessful.

    In the final minute of the Black Knights' game against Wake Forest on Saturday, there was a group pileup of sorts on the field. A Wake Forest player moved his arm to keep Army LB Stephen Ricciardi away from the fray after Ricciardi got up.

    With the referee in close proximity, Ricciardi went for the flop, dramatically heaving himself towards the ground for a flag. After a few seconds of contemplation, the referee quickly qaived Ricciardi off. There was no penalty.

    Embellishing contact to get a call is part of sports, especially soccer, where diving and flopping have become a regular and hotly debated tactic. And when the embellishment is incredibly exaggerated like Ricciardi's, no matter the sport, the embellisher deserves whatever jokes are made at his expense. We imagine he'll be hearing a lot about the flop from teammates the rest of the season.

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