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  • A radio station called Dairy Queen in Salem, Ore., to see if it knew Baylor QB Bryce Petty

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday19 hrs ago

    Do you know who Bryce Petty is?

    According to Baylor coach Art Briles, Petty, Baylor’s starting quarterback, should be a household name. "Go to a Dairy Queen in Salem, Ore..." and they’ll know Petty, Briles said.

    So, John Canzano from oregonlive.com did just that and the results were fantastic.

    Credit to Canzano, this was pretty genius and hilarious.

    “Like a dog?” What does that even mean?

    Even if the fine folks at the Dairy Queen’s in Salem, Ore., don’t know Petty, college football fans should know him and he will probably be one of the players generating Heisman hype to start the season.

    Last year, Petty completed 62 percent of his passes for 4,200 yards, 32 touchdowns and just three interceptions. But Briles said he was upset that despite his amazing numbers, Petty was seventh on the Heisman ballot and only six get invited to the Heisman ceremony.

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