Alabama safety Landon Collins' comments lead to Twitter backlash from Oklahoma fans

Sam Cooper
April 18, 2014
Alabama safety Landon Collins' comments lead to Twitter backlash from Oklahoma fans

A war of words has begun between Alabama safety Landon Collins and Oklahoma fans.

In a Thursday story on, Alabama safety Landon Collins candidly spoke his mind about the Crimson Tide’s season-ending 45-31 loss at the hands of the Sooners in the Sugar Bowl, and since then he has taken heat from OU fans on Twitter.

“That just fires it up, because we know what type of defense we are,” Collins said when speaking of the motivation the lackluster Sugar Bowl performance provides for the defense. “We already know what we are capable of. Just to hear that we got picked apart by an offense that shouldn’t have been on the field with us, that’s a disgrace to Alabama defense. We need to pick it up from that standpoint.”

That comment, specifically when Collins said that the OU offense “shouldn’t have been on the field” with the ‘Bama defense, drew this response from Gabe Ikard, a starting offensive lineman for last year’s Sooners squad.

After hearing it from Oklahoma fans on Twitter through the day, Collins decided to respond with a series of tweets.

Collins does have a point that Oklahoma has not seen the same kind of success that Alabama has in recent years, but it’s hard to take him seriously when the team he is criticizing put 38 points and 429 yards on Collins’ defense, including 348 passing yards from a then-mostly unproven Trevor Knight.

Collins kept going, though, this time pointing out Alabama’s NFL pedigree.

Ikard then left us with this parting shot.

Now we can really hope for a rematch in a bowl game, or even better, next year’s College Football Playoff.


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