Al Golden’s family dealing with fallout from Hurricane Sandy

Frank Schwab
November 1, 2012

Miami (Fla.) coach Al Golden had a football game to prepare for this week. That couldn't have been easy.

Golden is from New Jersey and his family and friends sent him pictures and video of the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy this week. So preparing his Miami team for Virginia Tech Thursday night wasn't all that was on his mind.

Golden, on the ACC teleconference via, said he grew up on the shore, 15 minutes from the beach, and his parents have a beach house. They have no idea if it's there anymore.

"You can't get in there yet was of the sand and the flooding, so we have no idea," he said. "But we know friends that have nothing left. There are no 20‑foot of dunes anymore and there is no house. So it's tough for everybody. My brother is the sheriff of the next county north, which is Monmouth County, and obviously, they were hit terribly hard, and Union Beach and Keyport and the Highlands, and a place we spent a lot of time growing up in Sea Bright, New Jersey. It's tough. It's tough to see on film and recognize areas and understand that the shore line has been changed forever."

Golden, who ironically coaches a team called the Hurricanes, made a video asking fans to give to the victims of the storm at

Golden said his brother in New Jersey has sent him pictures of the damage the storm has caused, and his brother is still there.

"It was just only Mother Nature, or I don't think people have seen it unless it was Katrina," he said. "Mother Nature or kind of something that was a result of war, you can't even describe it.  75% of Sea Bright is absolutely destroyed."

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