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AJ McCarron voices support for Northwestern players’ effort to form union

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AJ McCarron offered words of support for Northwestern players' attempt to unionize (USA Today Sports)

Kain Colter and the Northwestern football team made headlines Tuesday when the players announced their intent to form a union, and now one of college football’s more prominent players has voiced support for the movement.

Former Alabama standout quarterback AJ McCarron told USA Today Wednesday that he was behind the new College Athletics Players Association.

“I think it’s a good thing for college football for someone to step up and to try to get more for the players,” McCarron said.

The group, which is led by Colter – a former Wildcats quarterback and wide receiver who is preparing for the NFL Draft – is seeking scholarships that cover things like concussion and medical protection, scholarships that are guaranteed if a player can no longer compete, and a trust fund that would help players finish their educations.

“It’s almost a somewhat bad deal the players aren’t getting some of (the money) especially when the jerseys are getting sold, they’re getting used for video games,” McCarron said. “Personally I think it’s good for college athletes – hopefully down the line they’ll start getting paid somewhere.”

McCarron was on the roster for three and was the starting quarterback for two national championships at Alabama, so he certainly has the authority to speak on the subject. That success on the football field brings in immense capital to the school, so it’s hard not to sympathize with the player’s point of view, especially when some of the main reasons for unionizing deal with health and education.

With Colter and Northwestern stepping up, it seems like only a matter of time before college athletes are receiving some sort of added benefits from universities.

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