AJ McCarron’s SUV gets booted on a slow news day (PHOTO)

Graham Watson
February 19, 2013

Apparently winning two national championships is not enough to warrant special treatment on the Alabama campus, especially if you park in a lot for which you don’t have a permit.

That’s what happened to poor Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron, who parked in the Bryant Hall lot without proper credentials and was quickly booted for his offense. Three other Alabama players also had their cars booted.

Hey, rules are rules no matter who you are. Usually an offense like this would just prompt a ticket. It’s not until you habitually do it – and don’t pay your parking tickets – that you get booted. But perhaps Alabama campus police have a no tolerance policy.

In any case, McCarron is going to have to pony up the money to get his car back. Hey, isn’t he dating someone famous now? Maybe overnight sensation Katherine Webb could help him out of this jam. After all, Alabama football did kickstart her career.

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h/t Reddit

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