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  • Boston College to wear red banana gear for rest of the season (Photo)

    Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday17 mins ago

    During last weekend’s upset win against USC, Boston College wore red bandana-inspired helmets, gloves, socks and cleats to honor Former Boston College lacrosse player Welles Crowther.

    What the players will wear in honor of Welles. Red bandannas will be handed out to the student section. #WeAreBC pic.twitter.com/J2oCzq66EW

    The additions were supposed to be a one-time deal, but Boston College has decided to keep the inspirational adornment s around for the rest of the season.

    @BCCoachAddazio told @MarkPacker on @SiriusXMCollege that #BC will incorporate the red bandanna the rest of the yr to honor Welles Crowther.

    Crowther was killed during the attacks of Sept. 11, but saved at least a dozen people before the south World Trade Center tower collapsed. Crowther was known for carrying a red banana that his father gave him as a child. He was wearing it while saving people during the attacks.

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