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Wisconsin hair secret revealed: Bruesewitz has a perm

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Prior to the 61-54 Sweet 16 loss to Butler, Wisconsin forward Mike Bruesewitz, suffered his own private humiliation thanks to the CBS crew of Gus Johnson, Len Elmore, Reggie Miller and Marty Snider.

Bruesewitz, a sophomore, has become know for his bright red curly hair that flops everywhere when he run up and down the court. But Snider shared a secret that Bruesewitz probably didn't want to get out -- those curls are actually a perm.

That's right, Bruesewitz's mom perms her son's hair to give it that signature look.

Even Miller knows that the mere mention of a man getting perm could have its consequences.

"Oh, we just put this kid on blast," Miller said. "He did not just say perm, did he?"

Don't get me wrong, the hair looks great and has become Bruesewitz's trademark, but if having your mom perm your hair isn't enough to take away your man card, I'm not sure what is.

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