Water outside Rupp Arena turns the color of Kentucky’s biggest rival

Anyone who walked by the fountain in Lexington's Triangle Park outside Rupp Arena on Wednesday afternoon probably assumed the University of Kentucky was the victim of an elaborate rivalry prank.

Believe it or not, however, the fountain's blood-red water isn't the brainchild of a clever Louisville or Indiana fan. Instead, it's merely a promotion gone wrong.

According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, the Downtown Lexington Corporation tried to temporarily dye the water pink to promote the airing of the '80s classic Pretty in Pink on Friday evening in the park. The event is the first in the Fountain Films on Friday series during which free movies will be shown once a week in the park this summer.

The sight of so much red water outside the home of Kentucky basketball has elicited very different responses from Kentucky and Louisville fans.

"Why is the water in the fountain at Triangle park red?" wrote a Kentucky fan on Twitter. "If they wanted to color it, shouldn't it be BLUE!?!?!"

Countered Mike Rutherford of the Louisville fan site Card Chronicle: "I'm not saying God did this, but I'm also not saying God didn't do this."

(Thanks, @BDawsonRivals)