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Video: SNL’s Selection Sunday spoof

The Dagger

"Saturday Night Live" opened last weekend's show with a sketch based on CBS's NCAA tournament selection show, albeit one with a different sort of bracket:

Three observations:

1. Kenan Thompson's Greg Gumbel impersonation was pretty good, particularly with his inflection at the start of the clip. The Jim Nantz wasn't much of an impression, nor did the writers give Jason Sudekis any lines that sounded like the CBS play-by-play announcer. Where was the "Hello, friends" and the cheesy postgame one-liner? The Tracy Wolfson was all right but not nearly shrill enough, while the Vitale was pretty boilerplate and was missing a Coach K name drop.

2. If SNL had truly been interested in mocking the selection show, there would have been dozens of commercial breaks during the five-minute segment. Sunday night's selection show had more ad interruptions than an episode of "Jersey Shore." (And just as many bad decisions, too.)

3. Having Nicolas Cage in the Hollywood division instead of Lindsay Lohan is like the selection committee going with UAB instead of Colorado.

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