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Refs somehow missed this four-step travel in Marquette game (video)

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Officials in the NCAA tournament have been eagle-eyed enough to spot two lane violations on free throws. They're less successful in noticing that human beings are incapable of running 30 feet in a single bound.

[Recap: Jae Crowder leads Marquette past Murray State, 62-53]

At the end of the first half of Marquette's victory over Murray State, Golden Eagles guard Darius Johnson-Odom picked up a loose ball just over half court, took one dribble and put in a layup as time expired. None of the three refs seemed to think it was suspicious that Johnson-Odom did so without dribbling for the final 30 feet.

One, two, three, four. Marquette fans usually don't see traveling go uncalled like that unless they're watching alum Dwyane Wade pass the ball to LeBron James.

Take a look at where Johnson-Odom picked up the ball:

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A cheetah wouldn't have been able to finish that layup without walking.

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