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Quickish recap: George Mason rallies to oust Villanova

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Quickish is a new quick-hit, real-time service that tracks the best analysis of the biggest stories in sports. From Quickish's editors, here is a selection of the best proclamations and exclamations, via Twitter, from Friday's thrilling George Mason ending:

Get Ready
An NCAA tournament game coming down to the wire with Gus Johnson on the mic? Naaahhh.....
(CBS' Seth Davis)

"And we will create a man, who will grow up to be the voice of every close game. And we shall call him Gus." #lawofgus
(CNBC's Darren Rovell)

Closing in
Gus is yelling . . I mean George Mason is up 2 on Nova on TNT, under a minute.
(Time's Sean Gregory)

The Harbinger of Awesome
We're going to have to amend the old idiom: Nothing is certain but death, taxes and crazy Gus Johnson finishes.
(Yahoo's Chris Chase)

And there it is
(Fangraphs' Jonah Keri) {YSP:MORE}

Gus: Saves the day
Gus's first game is the only game that mattered today.
(Business Insider's Dashiell Bennett)

Gus Johnson should probably be assigned to every George Mason NCAA Tournament game for all of history.
(SportsPickle's DJ Gallo)

In Praise of Gus
Glad March Madness finally woke up and realized it was on. Took a swift kick in the #GUS to get things going.
('s Will Brinson)

(But besides that...)
Love/hate about Gus. Hearing call and assuming a No. 16 is always beating a No. 1 seed. Except George Mason is favored.
(ESPN's Chris Sprow)

Top of His Game
It is always inspiring to witness someone who is clearly the best at what they do. Gus Johnson is a unique talent.
(Former Associated Content CEO Patrick Keane)

But who is this year's Gus Johnson?
This year's George Mason: Gus Johnson.
(Fangraphs' Jonah Keri)

George Mason wins!
(Mocksession's Tim Burke)

Then again, so was Butler
WHAT AN UPSET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, wait. George Mason was the higher seed. NEVERMIIIIIIINNNDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!
(SportsPickle's DJ Gallo)

It's up there
Most Gus Johnson game ever, I reckon.
(SBNation's Jon Bois)

Mason: The best college hoops team in Virginia
What a finish! GMU Patriots!
(US Senator Mark Warner)

Mason wins: On the scene
I'm at the Q, which is shaking after Mason's victory, and I've got just one thing to say: It's on. It it so on.
( Post's Mike Wise)

From Gus himself
"George MASON making the STATEMENT: We are BACK...aaaaand READY!"
(CBS's Gus Johnson)

For more -- both from Thursday and throughout the NCAA tournament, check out Quickish for quick-hit, real-time updates of the best tournament commentary from all the best sources.

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