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Marcus and Markieff Morris certainly aren’t lacking confidence

Jeff Eisenberg
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Already saddled with a reputation for being a bit temperamental, Markieff and Marcus Morris aren't doing anything to improve their image with their comments leading up to the NBA draft.

First Markieff told the Washington Post last month that likely top three pick Derrick Williams "was not as good as advertised" even though the Arizona star lit up Kansas for 27 points and eight rebounds in November.  Then twin brother Marcus made some even more brash comments this week in an interview with Milwaukee radio station WSSP.

On who his game resembles in the NBA:

"I think the Al Harrington comparison is a little accurate, but I think maybe Carmelo I would say because I'm a mid-range king. I love the mid-range game," Morris said. "I think that's what I can really hang my hat on being a mid-range player and on the defensive side I think that being versatile and guarding many positions. I think it can definitely work for me and just being so athletic and being versatile on the defensive side because I can guard any position."

And on whether the Morris twins or the Lopez twins will eventually be known as the better set of NBA brothers:

"Is that a trick question? Not to take anything away from those guys. I think they are great players. I just think me and Markieff have been through a little bit more. I mean I think we have different aspects of our game that are just a little bit more than those [brothers]. They are both just strictly centers, so there's not too much they could do as far as stretching the defense and creating open shots off the dribble and things like that. I think me and Markieff both can really do that real well, so at the end of the day I think me and Markieff are probably going to be better."

There's a chance — OK, a slim chance — that Marcus and Markieff live up to their boasting, but it might be wise for them to tone it down a bit the next few weeks.{YSP:MORE}

Perhaps Marcus could hold off on the Carmelo comparisons until after he makes his NBA debut. And maybe he could wait to anoint he and his brother as the best set of NBA twins until both of them officially make a roster.

Both Marcus and Markieff are projected to go in the middle of the first round later this month. Whichever teams select each of them should know they won't be lacking for confidence.

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