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Looks like Carmelo Anthony’s jumper is better than his memory

Jeff Eisenberg
The Dagger

Even though Carmelo Anthony has validated his collegiate success by becoming one of the NBA's most explosive scorers the past eight years, the former Syracuse star did reveal on Thursday that he has at least one weakness.

It's his memory.

Anthony released a series of YouTube videos showing him answering questions from fans on Thursday, but one fan managed to stump him. The New York Knicks forward could only name four out of five members of the starting five from the 2002-03 Syracuse team that he led to an improbable national championship.

Says a chuckling Anthony, "Hakim Warrick, Craig Forth, myself, Gerry McNamara ... um ... Jeremy McNeil"

Turns out the fifth member of that lineup was not McNeil. It was actually senior guard Kueth Duany, who started all 35 games that season for the Orange and had 11 points and 4 rebounds in the national championship game against Kansas.

Before anyone ridicules Anthony too much for his gaffe, think back to your own college days for a minute. Can you rattle off  the names of all your friends who edited the school newspaper with you, were in your fraternity, or were part of your championship-winning intramural softball team? Harder than you think, isn't it?

Still, there are probably plenty of Syracuse supporters who can name every member of the 2002-03 roster in less time than it took Anthony to stumble through his failed attempt to remember the starting five. Too bad one of those Orange fans wasn't behind the video camera to give him a hint.

(Thanks, Troy Nunes is a Absolute Magician)

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