Long Beach State has the coolest uniforms of any NCAA tournament team

Long Beach State is a mid-major team from the West Coast that was playing in its second NCAA tournament in the past 17 years and was ousted from the field of 68 by the time most people got home from work on Thursday. Thus, there's a reasonable chance you haven't seen their jerseys in a while.

Let's rectify that problem right now. Long Beach's yellow unis with "The Beach" written across the chest were one of the best things about the first day of the 2012 tourney.

It's good to know that shoe companies, in between putting Baylor in crossing-guard yellow, Oregon in wings and armor, and other teams in identity-robbing gray, can dial the over-designing back enough to release a simple uniform that exudes cool.

Star point guard Casper Ware and the 49ers didn't get the victory over New Mexico they may have wanted, but at least they can take comfort in the fact that their long trip home will end at "The Beach." By Friday night, 31 other teams will have lost a first-round game and none will be able to say that.

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