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John Wall insists he has never tried a 'John Wall shot'

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John Wall may be the only NBA prospect who already has a drink named in his honor, but the 19-year-old ex-Kentucky guard would like us to believe he has never sampled his signature shot before.

In an interview with Fox Sports Radio this past weekend, former Cincinnati Reds and Washington Nationals general manager Jim Bowden asked Wall if he was aware of the "John Wall shot."

"Yes sir, I heard about it in Kentucky," Wall said.

"All right, well what is in a John Wall shot, so our listeners on this Memorial weekend can party with you?" Bowden asked, while wondering why he never thought of a Lastings Milledge or Steven Shell shot.

"Uh, I don't know," Wall said. "You know, I'm too young to drink or anything, I haven't made it to a bar, so I don't know what's in my drink."

Whether you choose to believe that Wall spent a year a Kentucky without sampling any of the state's famed bourbon or visiting any of Lexington's finest watering holes, his response is a great example of his media savvy. Wall is often open and engaging with reporters, but he also knows when to keep quiet as well.

For those curious about the recipe for a "John Wall shot," a thorough investigative report from the Kentucky student paper revealed it apparently depends on which Lexington establishment you ask. Two Keys Tavern, the creator of this popular shot, uses UV blue vodka, sweet and sour and Sprite. Knockoffs at other Lexington bars sometimes include other types of fruit-flavored vodka and Curacao to give the shot its signature "Big Blue" color.

Having your name on a sickeningly sweet shot probably isn't as cool as having your face on a commemorative bottle of Maker's Mark, but, hey, for a 19-year-old, not bad.

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