Gatorade bath goes dreadfully wrong for community college hoops coach (Video)

We rarely see basketball coaches being doused with Gatorade buckets after big wins and there's a good reason why: Gallons of liquid and hard basketball courts don't mix.

Unfortunately for Richard Thurin, that incompatibility didn't register with any of the women on his North Platte Community College basketball team over the weekend. Watch what happens to Thurin and a Good Samaritan fan after his 15-14 squad decides to mark their big win in Sunday's huge NJCAA Division II Region F title game:

Well, that was just a tad awkward — and yes, just a bit hilarious. The good news is that you don't have to feel that bad if you laughed. Joe Kinsey of Busted Coverage found Thurin's granddaughter. She's the one who put the clip on YouTube and she reports that neither gramps nor his puddle-slipping pal were hurt during the incident.

Gatorade baths seem to be almost exclusive property of victorious football coaches. It's easier to create mischief on crowded sidelines, coaches usually aren't wearing fancy suits that can be ruined and, again, you're not challenging the laws of friction and gravity.

That's not to say we've never seen it in a basketball setting before. Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers, after all, survived a famous Gatorade assault from Paul Pierce after winning the NBA Finals a few years back.

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