Four-year-old girl can name every North Carolina player

Jeff Eisenberg

If Kendall Marshall wasn't fully aware before he arrived on campus how passionate North Carolina fans are, the Tar Heels freshman got a glimpse within his first month in Chapel Hill.

Marshall was apparently walking through the parking lot at the Dean Dome in early September when he encountered 4-year-old Julia and her father. At the urging of her dad, Julia begins rattling off the names of all the players on this season's North Carolina team, a feat an amazed Marshall captured via cell-phone camera and later posted to YouTube.

Maybe the funniest aspect of the video is the reaction of all three people involved in making it.

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Marshall appears stunned that a 4-year-old girl knows the names of him and his teammates. The stammering father is so starstruck he interrupts his daughter to call his buddy and take a picture with Marshall. And little Julia? She's smiling shyly throughout the video, completely unfazed by the whole encounter and totally unaware of what the big deal is.

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