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ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews signs deal with Reebok

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Reebok is turning to America's favorite sideline reporter to help endorse the company's ZigTech line of sneakers and apparel. Erin Andrews signed a deal this week with the manufacturer to appear in print and television advertisements for the gear.

The company released the first photos on Friday:

Other ZigTech line include Peyton Manning, John Wall, Sidney Crosby and Chad Ochocinco. Andrews is the first female to endorse the line, which either speaks to her tremendous popularity or the dearth of famous American female athletes. It's a fine pairing, but you'll notice that the male names listed above all play sports. Andrews reports on them.

Either way, Andrews and Reebok makes plenty more sense than some other endorsement deals featuring TV sports personality endorsements. What demographic is Hooters targeting with those Dick Vitale commercials?

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With sneaker endorsement deals, appearances in television commercials with Peyton Manning and Justin Timberlake and competing on "Dancing With the Stars," Andrews has become such a crossover success that it feels like she's slumming it a little by working as an ordinary sideline reporter for college football and basketball. Her profile is larger than her current gig. It's like when George Clooney was still on "ER" after making it big in Hollywood. Whenever Andrews comes on the screen to talk about what Bruce Weber said after halftime, you find yourself asking, "what are you still doing here?"

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But that's the thing with Andrews, other than hosting a show (and she already does -- the first hour of the football pregame show "College GameDay" on ESPNU), there's no logical step forward in sports television. She hasn't shown an interest in announcing and hosting "SportsCenter" is a lateral move, at best. This isn't to put down the role of a sideline reporter. They're often superfluous, yes, but being the most high-profile one in college sports is a fine job. It just feels like Erin Andrews wants more. I'm not sure where she's going to find it.

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