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The Dagger catches up with Greg Anthony between the games

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YORK — In between the afternoon and evening session of games, the CBS talent preps; they do not break. If they ever leave the studio, it's to call loved ones, use the bathroom or grab the quickest of bites to eat. But Greg was kind enough to give a few minutes to us before he headed back into that studio you've seen him in and will continue to see him in over the next two weekends. We wanted to get his thoughts on what he thinks will be the closest and best games tonight.

Above all, he likes Wake Forest and Texas.

"That's obviously one of the big, marquee games," Anthony said. "Two teams I think have top-10 talent, potentially, but they haven't played like top-20 teams. So, the one thing about the tournament, though, is it gives you an opportunity to eradicate all those deons; you can try to find your rhythm and get your confidence back. That's a game that obviously will have a lot of interest."

But another people should seek out on the Internet if it's not available in their region is the second meeting today between the same major and non-major conference.

"San Diego State-Tennessee is another one," he said. "You've got a chance for the Mountain West team to win a game against a big-time opponent from the SEC, ironically [Ed. remember, BYU just beat Florida this afternoon]. San Diego State is one of those teams that rebound like a Big East time. ... I'll be interested to see, while San Diego State doesn't have a great point guard and Tennessee can be a little disruptive with their pressure, I want to see if they're able to withstand it and still be able to get into their offense. Because if they can limit the turnovers, I think they've got a great chance to win that game."

Anthony spoke to us as he prepped at the studio desk. Papers litter the top of it, with many other note cards colored with different scribbles of highlight marker and charts galore. He peeked at the schedule of tonight's tilts and didn't want to omit one last one.

"I'll tell you the other really big one I'm looking forward to: Washington and Marquette," he said. "Washington's won seven in a row; Marquette's won five out of seven, and in the last eight games that had six that were five points or less in which they were 5-1. They won three road overtimes games in a row, which had never been done before. And, one through five, I think Marquette might be the quickest team in the country. That speed's going to be interesting because that's something Washington, which is a quick team as well, I don't think they're that quick."

It's been an incredible opening to this tournament, one Anthony put above any other opening session.

"Amazing. It, definitely, in my memory, is as good as I've ever seen from a first session, because you basically had everything," he said. "In my wildest dreams I never thought that a No. 2 seed would go to overtime against a 15 and it better an afterthought."

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