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  • Buffalo's mop guy nearly gets mowed down by a fast break

    Jeff Eisenberg at The Dagger13 hrs ago

    Only at a college basketball game is mopping the floor an act of bravery.

    You either must possess a keen sense of timing or quick enough reflexes to make up for it.

    The poor guy in the above video found that out the hard way Friday night when he ventured onto the court to clean up a wet spot and soon found himself in jeopardy of getting trampled. Buffalo guard Rodell Wigginton stole the ball at mid-court from Kent State's Derek Jackson and barreled down court for an uncontested dunk, sending the mop guy scrambling to avoid getting run over.

    Thankfully for all involved, a collision was averted. Plus the mop guy got more airtime on ESPNU than he probably had expected.

    (Thanks for the video, Hustle Belt)

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