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Rajon Rondo is becoming less dependable for Celtics

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While the majority of Celtics talk continues to swirl about a potential deal for Kevin Love, Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo will still be facing free agency next summer.

Will Rondo stick around?

Kirk Minihane and Bob Ryan join Arbella Early Edition to discuss Rondo's future in Boston. 

"You don't bring Kevin Love in and let Rondo walk." said Minihane. "It doesn't make any sense."

Gary Tanguay isn't sure he would offer Rondo a max deal when his deal expires after the season.

"Rondo is being all nice and friendly right now, but we know you can't depend on him." said Tanguay. "How do you give a max deal to a guy you can't depend on?"

"Guys can mature." said Ryan. "I'lll give you a guy that turned out to be better than people thought was Dennis Johnson. Dennis Johnson had a reputation. He had his quirks, he had his quirks to the end, but he was reliable."

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