Mad Dash: Knicks fan ignores career to follow team for a season

There are probably people who love the NBA but wouldn't attend every Knicks home and away game for a season even if you paid them. Dennis Doyle is doing that and he's going to end up paying around $20,000 for the honor. Oh, and he's also unemployed. As highlighted by a fun New York Times feature, Doyle lost his job at a law firm in Manhattan earlier this year, he reached a crossroads. Instead of hopping to the next firm, he stepped back and thought about what he really loved in life. He came up with travel, writing and the Knicks. Now the lawyer's combining all three by putting his law career on hold to attend every home and road game his favorite team plays this year, and he'll blog about it along the way, hoping to work out a book deal by the end. Whether it's a winning move remains to be seen, especially since he probably won't see a lot of wins in person. Well, not by the team he wants to win, anyway.

One team that knows how to celebrate a win? That'd be Northwestern, which knocked off Notre Dame in South Bend 43-40 in overtime and then was greeted by tables of Chick-fil-a bags as players entered the locker room. Considering just about every other player excitedly shouted "Chick-fil-a!" as they walked past the tables, we're guessing the southern fast food staple is a favorite of the big guys from the midwest.

Facebook has randomly become a favorite of Tom Brady, who's shown a little more of personality in the last few months than most fans have seen during his entire career. The 37-year-old told USA Today that it's been a fun way to connect with fans and show a little more of his personality than he's used to exposing on NFL Sundays.

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