Jadeveon Clowney ready to learn from J.J. Watt

NBC Sports
May 10, 2014

Shortly before Jadeveon Clowney’s conference call with Houston reporters, he received a different phone call from one of the most famous Texans: J.J. Watt. 

What did Watt say to the young rookie? 

“He said he’s going to stay on my butt when I get there,” Clowney said. 

Clowney, 21, is just a few years younger than Watt, 25, but thinks he can learn a lot from the All Pro and former Defensive Player of the Year. Clowney said he’s watched Watt for a while and thinks Watt will be able to take his game to the “next level.” 

“He told me he’s going to give me every piece of knowledge to help me improve my game,” Clowney said, “and he’s going to stay on me like a mentor or a big brother to me and I told him I appreciate that and I’m looking forward to working with him.”

Clowney will start off with the Texans in a two-point stance as an outside linebacker but can still learn from Watt, who is known to be a hard-worker. The Texans probably hope some of that will rub off on Clowney, even though general manager Rick Smith said they weren’t concerned about work ethic. 

“You mention the fact that J.J.’s ready to take him under his wing, he’s ready to work,” Smith said. “After the selection he talked about wanting to come in and work. This guy’s motivated. He’s extremely motivated.”

It’ll be up to new defensive coordinator, and 32-year NFL coaching veteran, Romeo Crennel to utilize Watt and Clowney in his 3-4 defense. 

“Obviously, when you talk about a creative mind like Romeo and some of the things he’s done,” Smith said, “when you look at his defenses historically and how he utilizes personnel, it really gives us an opportunity to get after the quarterback.”

-- Dave Zangaro, CSN Houston