Bruins might have made a mistake by trading Tyler Seguin

NBC Sports
January 17, 2014

The Bruins made it known after they dealt Tyler Seguin to the Dallas Stars that he had maturity issues when it came to some of his off-the-ice antics.

Seguin's new teammate in Dallas, Shawn Horcoff said Seguin has been a model teammate in Dallas. Has the 20-year-old suddenly grown up?

Mike Milbury, on Cross Check with Michael Felger, said the Bruins handled Seguin's off-ice behavior issues poorly.

"They should have never made it public," Milbury said. "Sit him down and talk to him. If he does it again sit him down and talk to him a second time or a third time until he figures out what time zone to set his clock for so he wakes up."