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  • Tour players shocked by PGA president's 'Lil girl' shot at Ian Poulter

    NBC Sports at NBC on Yahoo Sports22 mins ago

    You might have rolled your eyes when outgoing PGA of America president Ted Bishop sang the praises of something called "footgolf" as part of his unending grow-the-game initiative.

    You probably shook your head when Bishop acted in defiance of the USGA and R&A when anchored putting was deemed illegal starting next year.

    You were right to have been hoppin' mad when the man with "USA" shaved into the side of his head watched his hand-picked Ryder Cup captain get picked apart by the team's veteran leader after another loss, then slunk away that evening without ever facing the music himself.

    For all of Bishop's cockeyed, obtuse and, often, egocentric adjudications, though, none have been so profoundly doltish as his latest social media rantings, which left him sounding less like an industry leader than a frustrated fan reduced to message board trolling.

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  • Why is Peyton Manning seriously upset with Broncos' scoreboard operator?

    NBC Sports at NBC on Yahoo Sports28 mins ago

    Philip Rivers laughed and played along with the joke.

    Peyton Manning, however, seemed serious about the scoreboard shenanigans in Denver last night.

    During the fourth quarter of the Broncos win, the stadium video board operator flashed shots of Rivers and Manning, causing the crowd to alternate between boos and hosannas. According to Mike Klis of the Denver Post , this went on for a bit before someone in the organization told them to knock it off.

    “I really don’t know how to respond to that,” Rivers said. “Other than if you had told me when I was 10 years old they would show me in front of 75,000 and get booed, and Peyton Manning in the same clip and get cheered, I’d say that’s pretty awesome.”

    Manning did not share those feelings.

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  • Mettenberger's start in Tennessee spells the end for Locker

    NBC Sports at NBC on Yahoo Sports34 mins ago

    The Titans have decided to see what they have in Zach Mettenberger when the rookie quarterback gets the start on Sunday against the Texans. According to ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio, the move effectively ends Jake Locker's chance to be Tennessee's quarterback of the future.

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  • Russell Wilson fires back at media about Percy Harvin rumors

    NBC Sports at NBC on Yahoo Sports42 mins ago

    In the wake of reports about issues in the Seattle locker room, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson fired back at the media saying that he doesn't have any problems with any teammates, notably Percy Harvin. ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio, however, wonders if that's really the case.

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    Sun, Oct 26
    10:00 AM PDT
    Seattle at Carolina
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  • Source of discord between Russell Wilson and teammates is jealousy

    NBC Sports at NBC on Yahoo Sports23 hrs ago

    Per Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report, there is a sentiment in the Seahawks' locker room that Russell Wilson isn't "black enough." While most of this dust is being kicked up in the wake of Percy Harvin's departure from Seattle and could easily settle if the Seahawks get back to their winning ways, Freeman joined The Dan Patrick Show to discuss the widespread reports of discord in Seattle and more specifically, the players' feelings toward Wilson.

    "It's complicated but it's wrapped up into basically they see him as kind of a teacher's pet," said Freeman. "They think he's too corporate."

    While Wilson does project a wholesome image and - as the franchise quarterback of a perennial Super Bowl contender - is undoubtedly close to Seattle's front office, his behavior is no different from other similarly valued players around the league.

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  • UNC AD: Breach of ethics was most disturbing part of academic fraud

    NBC Sports at NBC on Yahoo Sports1 day ago

    The academic fraud that took place at the University of North Carolina may have been more wide-spread than initially thought. According to information released in a brand new report released by Kenneth Wainstein, a former U.S. Justice Department official, more than 3,100 students enrolled in classes they did not have to show up for to receive credit. This took place over a span of approximately two decades, and according to the report, nearly half of those enrolled in the classes were student-athletes.

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  • LeBron-less Heat could still be a playoff factor in Eastern Conference

    NBC Sports at NBC on Yahoo Sports1 day ago

    Jenna Corrado is joined by ProBasketballTalk's Kurt Helin to discuss which teams he sees taking a step back in the rankings from last season. Topping his list are the Miami Heat, Indiana Pacers and Houston Rockets.

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  • Bochy's bullpen management to blame for Giants' Game 2 loss

    NBC Sports at NBC on Yahoo Sports1 day ago

    Of course this is going to be about Tim Lincecum, because the predetermined narrative demands it. It’s enough to make your brain throb. Only it’s way more involved than that.

    Lincecum, the Giants’ one sentry on the last outpost in the Yukon this postseason, finally got the call in the long-lost second game of the World Series, and after retiring five Kansas City Royals as the only cheery part of the Giants’ postgame show left the game in pain with what looked like a leg injury of indeterminate severity.

    In sum, they lost, 7-2, to tie the series at a game apiece. Bruce Bochy’s managerial acumen was pinata’d about. Hunter Strickland buried himself further in the bullpen pecking order, and Jean Machi far deeper still. And then Lincecum raised and then dashed his supporters’ hopes with stunning swiftness.

    [INSTANT REPLAY: Giants' bullpen rocked, Royals win Game 2]

    And now we have the weirdest playoff series of all, weirder than Washington, or St. Louis. A World Series in which everything you know is all bent and dented.

    Now who can’t like that?

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    Fri, Oct 24
    5:07 PM PDT
    Kansas City at San Francisco
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  • Ned Yost: Royals fans were 'rabid' during Game 2 victory

    NBC Sports at NBC on Yahoo Sports1 day ago

    Yordano Ventura held the Giants to two runs over five-plus innings and the Kansas City offense awoke for seven runs on 10 hits as the Royals evened up the 2014 World Series at a win apiece with a 7-2 Game 2 victory on Wednesday night at a raucous Kauffman Stadium. Ned Yost called the Royals faithful "rabid" in his postgame press conference.

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  • Bruce Bochy on shouting match: Hunter Strickland 'is an intense kid'

    NBC Sports at NBC on Yahoo Sports1 day ago

    So, about those five pitchers for the Giants in the Royals' five-run sixth inning …

    First it was Jean Machi against Butler, the bearded DH affectionately called “Country Breakfast,” and he made it a double helping of RBI biscuits with a single to left field. Ishikawa charged the ball and came up throwing, and not very well, as Cain scored the tiebreaking run easily. Perhaps Juan Perez would’ve had a shot, but Ishikawa was due up first in the seventh and Bochy hadn’t made a defensive switch in a tie game.

    Javier Lopez entered and got Gordon to fly out, then Bochy went back to Strickland – who had restored confidence, it would seem, with his scoreless ninth a night earlier -- to face a pair of right-handed batters.

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