Watch 2 minutes of the NBA’s best bench celebrations from the 2012-13 season (Video)

Dan Devine
July 10, 2013

Lots of Robert Sacre? That's a given. Lots of Kent Bazemore? Duh — I mean, he's so well-known for bench-celebrating that his moves are going to be in "NBA 2K14."

The Denver Nuggets' "Italian celebration" for Danilo Gallinari? Of course. Could've used some more of Patty Mills signature towel-waving, in my opinion — maybe at the expense of the Los Angeles Clippers' band of merry men, who basically just smile and jump a bunch — but at least it's represented.

All told: Sound job, NBA. And thanks for reminding me about that time Steve Novak got all pumped up and flexed. Here's hoping he does more of that with the Toronto Raptors this year, and every year from now on.

If the clip above isn't rocking for you, please feel free to check it out elsewhere, thanks to our friends at the NBA.