Watch 2 1/2 minutes of NBA players (mostly Chris Bosh) videobombing one another (Video)

Dan Devine

Hey, you. Yeah, you. Do you like it when NBA players sneak up behind teammates/coaches/announcers who are talking into a camera and make weird faces/dance behind them? Of course you do. That's why you have completely unreserved love in your heart for Chris Bosh, the undisputed and undefeated king of the photo/videobomb.

But just because the Miami Heat star's at the top of the bombing mountain, that doesn't mean there aren't contenders looking to knock him off. Apparently, there are quite a lot of them — the NBA, at this stage of its development, is chock full of videobombers. Behold:

Having revisited the year in videobombs, Bosh's title seems secure, although he could face stiff competition moving forward from a Los Angeles Clippers club that features a pair of big men with a well-established predilection toward gooves and a gregarious new coach who knows how to roll with a bit. It'll be interesting to see what kind of new wrinkles Bosh adds to his on-camera annoyance game this summer to stay one step ahead of the challenges.

My suggestion? Shaving-cream pies. If it's good enough for baseball bros, it's good enough for NBA players. And whatever you do, don't try to top the Cincinnati Bearcats, gang. You'll just hurt yourself.

If the clip above isn't rocking for you, please feel free to check it out elsewhere, thanks to our friends at the NBA.

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