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Video: This is why Carmelo Anthony wants to be traded

Kelly Dwyer
Ball Don't Lie

Of course, there are other factors involved.

Carmelo Anthony(notes) would like to play in either New York or Chicago. He wants a bigger city, a bigger stage, and a contract extension under the current rules of the collective bargaining agreement, which would offer him much more money than he's likely to take in after declining the last year on his contract this offseason.

But he also wants a change of scenery. So much that he might be willing to play for a crummier team, and for less money to boot. And plays like this (about a minute into this clip) might be a big reason why.

Nine seconds left, and Carmelo's Nuggets are down two points, with the ball. J.R. Smith(notes) drives up court with the rock and looks off Anthony, long regarded as one of the more efficient shooters in the clutch over the last five-plus seasons, to pass to second-year guard Ty Lawson(notes). Lawson then looks off Anthony, and his own solid-shooting hands, to pass to Nene some 19-feet from the hoop.

Now, while Nene might end up leading this league in field-goal percentage, there's a reason for that. He doesn't take many shots, for one. Also, he usually shoots from right around the rim, with the occasional long jumper. On average, he takes about a shot per game from 16-23 feet, and makes about a shot every other game from the same distance.

So, look out Mavericks, when you play Denver Thursday night. Because Nene's due. Because his game-winning attempt on Wednesday night spun out.

Overall, Carmelo was pretty mild and diplomatic in his reaction to the final play after the contest, but he did have this aside with the Denver Post's Chris Dempsey:

Q: What happened on the last play?

A: I was calling for it, and then I saw him just take off. And I'm thinking he's going to take it across halfcourt, get control of it and call a timeout. But it didn't happen like that. But then I'm thinking why didn't George (Karl) call a timeout, either? But there's nothing we can do about it right now.

Well, there's something you can do. You can stop pretending you're thinking about signing that contract extension with Denver. Because New York doesn't believe you, mate.

(Also, don't listen to the play-by-play guy when he tells you that this was Nene's only shot of the game. It was his only miss of the game, after he made his first six shots.)

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