Video: Shaquille O’Neal (yawn) disses Chris Bosh

Kelly Dwyer

Shaquille O'Neal never met a pathetic, jealously driven grudge that he couldn't get over; so the newest member of the Turner Sports staff in his first TV appearance (Turner runs NBA TV) obviously had to include a needless and not all that funny shot at Miami's Chris Bosh on Tuesday.

For whatever reason, O'Neal has been critical of Bosh's game for years, even once describing him as a transgender NBA star of sorts -- forgetting, of course, that it takes more chutzpah and bravery to be one's self and don a frock in public than Shaq would ever understand.

But because there's nothing going on in the NBA, we pay attention when O'Neal calls the Miami Heat "The Big 2."


Perhaps O'Neal doesn't respect Bosh's game. It makes sense, because Bosh wasn't gifted with a massive rear end, as O'Neal was, to methodically and artlessly back down defenders for the bulk of his NBA career. It's funny, though, because Bosh has been in the league since 2003, and there's been very little to respect about O'Neal's game (including his out-of-shape and injury-plagued final season in Los Angeles, during Bosh's rookie year) since that season. Maybe Shaq blames Bosh for stealing his mojo? Or his calorie counter?

Who knows? Just understand that you're in for a whole lot of pettiness with Shaq at the mic, sports fans.