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Video: Shaq visits the tiny set on ‘Conan,’ and now only responds to ‘Dr. O’Neal’

As has been the case throughout his nearly 20 years (yes, we're all very old) on television, talk show host Conan O'Brien continues to state that thing most people are surprised about upon meeting him is that they are taken aback by how tall he is. Even at 6-4, Conan doesn't usually come across on television as the sort of guy that could fit in easily as a tweener or tall NBA point guard. And his co-host Andy Richter, at 6-3, isn't far behind. Of course, this is still no excuse for TBS (clearly cutting cost after paying through their teeth to acquire all those "Big Bang Theory" re-runs) to come up with a set that isn't big enough for the duo, especially when Shaquille O'Neal is the show's first guest:

Of course, we're joking. O'Brien set up a tiny set after promising to try an entire show filmed from the set of his "Puppy Conan" sketches that ran for a few weeks after the Super Bowl. And Shaq, all 7-foot-whatever of him, was the perfect first guest to clearly lie about "super-gluing" two Ferraris together.  Just as funny was his introduction of the "RAH! Defense," via Outside the Boxscore:

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