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Video: Red Auerbach treats his polite Celtics to some watery beer

Kelly Dwyer
Ball Don't Lie


Me, earlier Friday:

Don't tap your foot excitedly in anticipation of both sides coming out of a New York hotel on Friday evening with a handshake agreement in place, ready to go hoist a few and take in Game 7 of the World Series at some wings hut.

Me, right now:

1). Red Auerbach, Bob Cousy, Don Nelson, Sam Jones, Tom Heinsohn and K.C. Jones. If that plane ever crashed, the NBA would forget how winners were made. Kind of like the thing with the secret about what goes into Coca-Cola. Or Borax.

2). I want to be in bars where men in giant mustaches and bow ties bring me pitchers of beer. I don't care if some of these places still exist and they repeatedly play Cher songs on the jukebox, this needs to be a more common thing.

3). "Miller's Lite Beer: Everything you've always wanted in a beer. And less" shouldn't be an insult to Miller Lite, but it is.

4). They were smokers and drinkers, but I'll be damned if those Celtics didn't have the best manners in the league.

5). I want to go to there.

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