Ball Don't Lie

Video: Player of the Week Drew Gooden gets his own sincere highlight video

Eric Freeman
Ball Don't Lie

In a typical week, the NBA's Player of the Week awards are ignored, mostly because giving LeBron James or Kevin Durant a small award means little. Every so often, though, a role player takes advantage of injuries to play like a star for a few games. In those cases, the Player of the Week award becomes a delightful aberration, almost as if God decided to take over the controls of a video game and cast aside basketball logic for a while.

This week, Milwaukee Bucks forward Drew Gooden earned that recognition on the strength of a 3-0 record for his team and averages of 18.0 ppg, 9.7 rpg, and 8.0 apg. Those stats include an improbable triple-double against the Nets last Wednesday, the sort of line that looked like a typo when it was first passed around the web.

To honor Gooden, the Bucks produced the amazing highlight video "Oh My Gooden," complete with multiple-angle clips, random switches to black-and-white, and an over-photoshopped image of Gooden facing off against recently waived Cavaliers big man Ryan Hollins. It's a goofy video, but also so sincere that it's hard not to love at least a little bit. Every player deserves this kind of recognition at some point in his career. Someone make an equally serious mix for Acie Law, please. We have to start somewhere.

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