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Video: Phil Jackson's just jokin' about jump shots

Ball Don't Lie

If he were in the parallel universe of "Lost," rather than being an enormously successful basketball coach and former player with multiple NBA championships who dates his boss's daughter despite her being 16 years younger than him, Phil Jackson would be a stand-up comedian. I'm not saying he'd trade his current life for the bizarro timeline, but he'd probably be pretty good behind the mic.

Don't believe me? Then check out this clip of Phil's reaction to Laker fan Craig Calloway hitting a half court shot to win $235,000.

Zing! Nice and quick, too. It's almost like he knew the guy was going to make the shot, so he had a wisecrack ready. Maybe he's a candidate and Jacob told him ahead of time.

Or maybe he's just used to fans making improbable shots for money. After all, he was on the sidelines when Don Calhoun swished his three-quarters court one-hander back in 1993, gold shoes and all. This is old hat for Phil Jackson.

And if that little clipski at the end there isn't enough half-court action for you, here's the whole thing, complete with "Whoomp! (There It Is)" soundtrack.

$235,000 for a single shot? That's almost Eddy Curry(notes) money. Congrats, Craig.

(YouTube via Hoopsnotes)

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