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Kelly Dwyer

Video: New Orleans offers a 'Guys Night Out'

Kelly Dwyer
Ball Don't Lie

Media day usually takes place one or two days before the start of training camp, and it's a bit of a gong show. Before an NBA team even takes to the floor for scrimmages or even gets a talking-to from that year's coach, players have to pose and grunt before cameras for a million different things. Photos that go in programs, Christmas-based commercials shot in early October, or even scoreboard-ready pleas for the crowd to get on their feet.

So when you see an in-game promo for a "Guys Night Out" special, understand that the flexing in the promo probably wasn't explained to the players that were caught flexing. And that they weren't exactly told to "flex for the camera, Aaron Gray(notes), because we're using this footage to try and entice men to come to our games because they're way, way into reasonable ticket packages, crappy domestic beer, and dudes flexing."

With this knowledge in place, here's a video:

It kind of reminds of George Michael Bluth asking his uncle GOB Bluth "is that why you had me do that?" after seeing the student council promo video GOB put together. If you've seen that particular episode, you are laughing out loud. If you haven't, I've wasted your afternoon.

Moving beyond that, I'm sure we can all get behind everything in this video. The Hornets are tons of fun to watch. Toys For Tots is a wonderful program. Flexing is a good way to stretch. Discounted beer is often times the best kind of beer. Hanging out with your mates is often a good time out. Zatarains is a fine company that makes several types of delicious rice that I buy quite often.

But mixed together? It just doesn't work.

(HT: Both Teams Played Hard, via SB Dan Devine.)

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